Interest Only Loans

Interest only loan programs allow borrowers to have flexibilities that traditional loans don't. Your house will appreciate or depreciate regardless of how much principal is paid each month; therefore, paying zero principal and diversifying into other assets or savings will allow borrowers to have real estate and financial assets working together to create a more diversified plan in building net worth or an estate. And you are paying the lowest possible interest rate on your mortgage loan. Interest only loans recast themselves upon the initial interest rate change; thereby, allowing a borrower to manage or customize his/her cashflow. This is beneficial for borrowers who are commissioned, bonus, self-employed, or who have a house to sell. They may take a higher mortgage balance today and reduce it in the future to a more comfortable level and reduce their monthly payment.

Why Should You Choose An Interest-Only Loan?

  • Mortgage payment flexibility to better manage your monthly cash flow without deferring interest.
  • Purchase a larger house without increasing your monthly mortgage expense.
  • A guaranteed interest-only payment produces monthly cash flow savings to invest or reduce high cost credit obligations.
  • More flexibility in managing the mortgage interest payment to maximize your tax advantages.
  • Make an additional principal payment and see it reflected in your next monthly payment.



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