Tennessee Jumbo Home Mortgage Loans

You can call our Tennessee mortgage brokers toll free at 855-529-5222. Our licensed mortgage brokers will get you the best rate on a Tennessee jumbo mortgage loan for your luxury home. There is no obligation.

We are part of a lending network and participate with the wholesale divisions of 150+ lenders.

  • We are the Tennessee luxury home specialists!
  • Jumbo mortgage loans are available up to 4 million dollars.
  • Construction, purchase, refinance or refinance with cash-out O.K.

The interest rate on our Tennessee Jumbo Mortgages are nearly as low as our conventional Mortgages. Another way to get the best rate is to consider an Adjustable Rate Jumbo Mortgage. These are frequently much lower, depending on short term rates. Jumbo Mortgages are our specialty!

Programs range from "Interest Only" Libor Loans to Fixed Rate Mortgages. Each product has a unique advantage to the homeowner so every option should be given the necessary time for analysis.

Home loans are classified in a wide variety of ways. They can be classified by the amount loaned, whether the interest rate can be adjusted or not, the length of the payback period and so on. A fairly common and simple term to understand is the jumbo loan.

Jumbo mortgages are generally categorized as loans in excess of $322,700.00 for single-family residences

A jumbo loan, is a loan that exceeds the maximum dollar amount guidelines set by FANNIE MAE, for a single family loan limit. Effective January 1st, 2005, this limit is $359,650 in all states except AK and HI. The limit is $539,475 in AK and HI. Most lenders use the Fannie may guide when underwriting loans over these set limits.

A jumbo loan is simply a mortgage in excess of the amounts set by government backed agencies that buy or guarantee loans. Companies such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD, etc. will guarantee the purchase of a loan from a lender if certain conditions are met. A discussion of those conditions is beyond this article, but one of them is the amount being borrowed. Depending on the agency in question. If the amount you are borrowing is less than this amount, then it is known as a conforming loan. If you need to borrow more, the loan is known as a non-conforming loan or “jumbo” loan.

In many cases , borrowers can maximize their cash flow by making fixed rate interest only payments during the first five years of the 30 year jumbo loan. By freeing up their funds this loan program allows borrowers to direct their savings to short term investments or other interests. This can add up to substantial monthly savings and increased purchasing power.

Cash Out for Home Improvements or Debt Consolidation, etc.

Loan amounts range from $288,000-$2,000,000.

Fixed Rate - Fixed rate mortgage in a variety of terms up to $2,000,000 loan amount.

One Year Treasury ARM - One year adjustable rate mortgage that adjusts annually for loan amounts to $3,000,000.

3/1 Treasury ARM - for amounts to $2,000,000 that has a fixed rate for the first three years and adjusts annually afterward.

5/1 Treasury ARM - for amounts to $2,000,000 that has a fixed rate for the first five years and adjusts annually afterward.

7/1 Treasury ARM - for amounts to $2,000,000 that has a fixed rate for the first seven years and adjusts annually afterward.


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